Advertising Hall Of Fame of New Jersey Application

Each year, individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the creative and economic values of our profession in the State are inducted. The inductees for 2019 will be honored at our ceremony and dinner at Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange, NJ on November 7th.

We are currently accepting nominations for The Advertising Hall of Fame of New Jersey.

Nominations can be submitted using the online form below or by downloading and submitting the Call for Nominations pdf.


1) LEADERSHIP – Encourages others to get involved, takes responsibility, is goal oriented, and sets high standards for achievement.

2) CREATIVITY – Displays originality, ingenuity, and is innovative.

3) PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY – Consistently maintains high standards and sets the best example for others.

4) PROFESSIONAL HISTORY – Has major professional accomplishments to his/her credit.

5) PHILANTHROPIC – Has made charitable contributions of time and talent to deserving organizations.

6) ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTIONS – Through achievements in advertising, has made some economic contribution to the state or advertising community.

7) ACHIEVEMENT OF NATIONAL SIGNIFICANCE – Has been acknowledged on a national level for achievement or contribution either professionally or personally.

8) PERSONAL ACTIVITY – Endeavored to further enhance and advance New Jersey’s position in the national advertising community.

IMPORTANTIf you are nominating someone who you believe deserves this honor, you are encouraged and required to give details in all eight of the areas listed above. Do not assume the judges already know the information that you are supplying.

We have seen quality nominees turned away because nominators just wrote a paragraph (or copied and pasted a LinkedIn profile) rather than spending time on the entry. For added simplicity and clarity, submit eight sections corresponding to the eight criteria.

The Selection Committee is chosen by The New Jersey Advertising Club to evaluate and determine the nominees who will be admitted to The Advertising Hall of Fame of New Jersey. Decisions of the committee will be final.

Nominations must be received no later than September 4, 2019.

Sponsorships will be accepted to support the new Hall of Fame inductees. Click here to learn more or call Pat Hanley at 201-998-5133.

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