The Future of Television

Thanks to all who came to hear Alan Wolk speak about THE FUTURE OF TELEVISION at Montclair State University School of Communication & Media. So many great insights were shared. 

Best quote of the night: “Facebook knows who we want to be but Amazon knows who we are.” 

Keith Strudler, Director of the School of Communication & Media at Montclair State University moderated a Q&A with Alan Wolk after the presentation. He also gave away two copies of his book Over the Top. How the Internet is (Slowly But Surely) Changing the Television Industry to audience members who answered TV-related trivia questions.

Wolk spent a good amount of time talking about Netflix which is now in every country in the world except China, North Korea and Iraq. He also referred to “The Lilyhammer Effect” of releasing entire seasons of a show all at once rather than promoting episodes from week to week.

A topic that is, of course, very relevant to us in our profession is how advertising will be affected in the future of television. Wolk said that the Holy Grail is “Fewer, better targeted ads that networks can charge more money for.”