Hall of Fame

Each year, individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the creative and economic values of our profession in the State are inducted. The inductees for 2018 will be honored at our ceremony and dinner at Highlawn Pavillion in West Orange, NJ on November 8th.

We are currently accepting nominations for The Advertising Hall of Fame of New Jersey.


1) LEADERSHIP – Encourages others to get involved, takes responsibility, is goal oriented, and sets high standards for achievement.

2) CREATIVITY – Displays originality, ingenuity, and is innovative.

3) PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY – Consistently maintains high standards and sets the best example for others.

4) PROFESSIONAL HISTORY – Has major professional accomplishments to his/her credit.

5) PHILANTHROPIC – Has made charitable contributions of time and talent to deserving organizations.

6) ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTIONS – Through achievements in advertising, has made some economic contribution to the state or advertising community.

7) ACHIEVEMENT OF NATIONAL SIGNIFICANCE – Has been acknowledged on a national level for achievement or contribution either professionally or personally.

8) PERSONAL ACTIVITY – Endeavored to further enhance and advance New Jersey’s position in the national advertising community.

IMPORTANTIf you are nominating someone who you believe deserves this honor, you are encouraged and required to give details in all eight of the areas listed above. Do not assume the judges already know the information that you are supplying.

We have seen quality nominees turned away because nominators just wrote a paragraph (or copied and pasted a LinkedIn profile) rather than spending time on the entry.

The Selection Committee is chosen by The New Jersey Advertising Club to evaluate and determine the nominees who will be admitted to The Advertising Hall of Fame of New Jersey. Decisions of the committee will be final.

DEADLINE: Nominations must be received no later than August 19, 2018.

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Launched over a quarter of a century ago with a mission to recognize the contributions of communications professionals from every walk of life had made to the industry, the New Jersey Advertising Hall of Fame has inducted such legends as John B. Gambling, Leonard Dreyfuss, Emanuel London and George H. Gallup. Other past recipients have come from a wide variety of disciplines including the media, advertising agencies, market research, public relations, out-of-home, and marketing. Sponsored by the New Jersey Advertising Club, the Hall of Fame was founded in 1981 by then president, Arden Davis Melick, a public relations practitioner formerly with Brooklyn Union Gas. With the new inductees, our Hall of Fame now total 97 members.

The Advertising Hall of Fame of New Jersey Members with Year of Induction

David H. Fink The David Henry Agency 2017
Sean Looney Looney Advertising 2017
Debra Looney Looney Advertising 2017
Steve Ratti The Ratti Report 2017
Ken Musto Brand Kitchen 2017
Sally Glick Sobel & Co., Inc. 2016
Tom Marguccio SCG Advertising & Public Relations 2016
Ed Kessel Sound Imagination, Inc. 2016
Jessica Levin Seven Degrees Communication, Inc. 2016
Monica Smith Marketsmith, Inc. 2016
Don Christensen Christensen Tamburri Communications 2015
Karen Gozzi Wakefern Food Corp 2015
Amy Lear New Jersey Newspaper Network 2015
Sandra Schler American Cancer Society 2015
Dennis Kane Amboy Bank 2014
Jan Talamo The Star Group 2014
Simon Kaplan Crest Furniture 2014
William Carlos AVOW Communications 2014
Dennis Bone Montclair State Univeristy 2013
Jay Petrie Star-Ledger 2013
Peter Connolly St. Peter’s Healthcare 2013
Steve Kalafer Flemington Car & Truck Country Family of Dealerships 2013
Allan Grant Words & Music 2012
Allegra Sandelli TD Bank 2012
Brian Ganton Brian J. Ganton & Associates 2012
David Scelba SGW 2012
Adam Schnitzler The S3 Agency 2011
Len Muscarella imedia, inc. 2011
Richard Vezza The Star-Ledger 2011
Shannon Morris Sigma Group 2011
Veronica “Nikki” Fielding Digital Brand Expressions 2011
AJ Khubani TeleBrands 2010
Caryl Linett Linett & Harrison 2010
Robert C. Provost The Star-Ledger 2010
Denise Blasevick The S3 Agency 2009
James Smith Smith Design 2009
Laura Johnson News12 New Jersey 2009
Curt Fissel Voices & Visions 2008
Daryl Rand Harrison/Rand Advertising 2008
Ileene Greene MarketShare Communications 2008
Allan Gorman AGCD 2007
Grace DePaola  Verizon Wireless 2007
Karen DeLuca Block DeCorso 2007
Rick Bonelli Sunspots Creative 2007
Wendy Flanagan MurrayMedia 2007
Debra Taeschler Grafica 2006
Elizabeth Christopherson New Jersey Network 2006
Linda Rosanio The Star Group 2006
Patricia Tesman Gianettino & Meredith 2006
Robert Ryan CMYK Printing 2006
Deb DiGregorio Camares 2005
Edward J. Efchak The Record 2005
John P. Manos 2005
Karl G. Dentino 2005
Phillip H. Roberts NJ Broadcasters Association 2005
Arden D. Melick Brooklyn Union Gas 2004
Milton Lewis Lewis Advertising 2004
Suzanne Poor Miller/Poor Associates 2004
Leonard Brown Keyes Martin 2003
Lewis Kraut Union Hill Printing 2003
John Leonardi BRUSHfire 2002
Kay Ritta Ritta & Associates 2002
Ralph Gonzalez Miller/Poor Associates 2002
Joseph Goryeb Champion Mortgage 1995
Richard J. Gillespie Gillespie Advertising 1995
Walter Guarino SGW 1995
John J. Murphy PSE&G 1994
Owen M. O’Sullivan O’Sullivan Advertising Agency 1994
Richard A. Cross PSEG 1993
Thomas J. Ferguson Thomas G. Ferguson Associates Inc. 1993
Dana Dowd Williams Fidelity Union Bank 1991
Don Johnson Johnson & Simpson 1991
Milton Simpson Johnson & Simpson 1991
Shirlee Wenzel Wenzel & Co. Inc. 1991
Edward J. Schwartz Bell Atlantic 1990
Joseph M. Deitz, CBC J.M. Kesslinger & Associaets 1990
Ward H. Nessen Arrow Typographers 1990
Hyman Levy Reichenstein Advertising 1989
Mary Lou Wallace Cablemedia 1989
Ron R. Vrba Bozell/Jacobs 1989
William N. Scheer Willian N. Scheer Advertising Agency Inc. 1989
Dan Gaby Keyes Martin Gaby Linett 1988
Douglas Turner Turner Agency 1988
William Falcone, Jr. Falcone & Associates 1988
George Black Black Russell Morris / Bozell/Jacobs 1987
George D. Meredith Gianettino & Meredith 1987
Ron Gianettino Gianettino & Meredith 1987
Harold L. Harrison Harrison Advertising 1986
Martin Steinhardt Keyes Martin Gaby Lineett 1986
Henry E. Arnsdorf Prudential 1985
Jack Poppele WOR 1985
Harry O’Mealia Trust Company 1984
Lawrence Herbert Pantone, Inc. 1984
Zal Venet Venet Advertising 1984
George H. Gallup The Gallup Organization 1983
Harry Devlin 1983
Jean Geiger 1983
John B. Gambling WWOR 1983
Leonard Dreyfuss 1983
Calvin Louderback 1982
Charles Dallas Reach Charles Dallas Reach Company 1982
Emanuel London

Williams & London Advertising