Board Members

The New Jersey Advertising Club is driven by the contributions, energy and enthusiasm of our member volunteers. As a member, you can volunteer to work with and serve on a committee.

We invite you to join us at one of our monthly board meetings. The meetings are always open to members and we encourage your feedback and participation.

Officers 2017-2018

Rob Schnapp
Coyne PR

Franco Zito
Immediate Past President
Spectrum Reach

Robin Kantor
Executive Vice President
Newark Trade Digital Graphics

Christian Estrellado Estro Communications
Christian Estrellado
Vice President / Treasurer
Estro Communications

Chris Vaglio Grey Sky
Chris Vaglio
Vice President
Grey Sky Films

Lana Jackson
FORT Group

Board of Directors

Robert Michael Badrogi
Robert Michael Bodrogi
Fusion Film House

Herb Barry
Interstate Outdoor

Stu Bodow
Commerce & Industry Association

Rick Bonelli
Sunspots Creative

Laura Buonocuore

Gillian Deak
NJ Advance Media

Gary Denburg
GarDen Printing

Grace DePaola
Marketing/Advertising Consultant

Jason Diller
The DSM Group

Ed Efchak
Customers By Design

Peter Field
By & Large

Shanti Gold
Comcast Spotlight

Daryl Rand
HarrisonRand Advertising

Hafeez Saheed
Nickelodeon Creative Advertising

Shintaro Sato
Montclair State University

Sandra Schler
American Cancer Society

Adam Schnitzler
The S3 Agency